Monday, 9 February 2015

How to Crochet a Sweet Heart Coaster

Well Hello and welcome to CraigLoves2Crochet has taken me way to long to set up a Blog............ Well I say I set it up, Sandra Campbell from +Sanderella's  very kindly helped me to set up my Blog. I am so very grateful Sandy, thank you.

Well a little bit about me. My name is Tonya Craig and I reside in the North East of United Kingdom. The most beautiful part of England, but also the coldest.

I have 3 children, an adult son and two daughters. I work full time as does my wonderful husband and we all tick along quiet nicely.

I was introduced to crochet by my dearly beloved grandma and she gave me a life long gift, I hope to pass onto my children. I did not crochet for year but 3 years ago I became very unwell and was not able to work. I took up crochet to pass the time and get through my treatment. I never looked back.

I love to design and create my own work, which I am gaining confidence all the time. I enjoy sharing my creations, which is why I share all my work Free of charge. I find patterns so expensive, my gift is to share my love of #Crochet and teach anyone who is interested how to re create my projects.

I adore learning new stitches and when designing my new Sweet Heart Coaster I decided to use a beautiful butterfly crochet stitch

This pattern is such a gorgeous and yet simple design, using a wonderful stitch, the Butterfly (Angel) stitch. I adore this stitch; It looks little like tiny ‘Angel Wings’. I thought a heart made up of tiny little Angel wings was simply wonderful.

This Heart Coaster is a beautiful pattern for Valentines Day, Weddings, Parties or any gift for someone special (including you). Have fun and enjoy my pattern. Happy Crochet!!

Here is the link to the pattern:
Here is the Tutorial link:

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