Monday, 2 March 2015

A Trio Of Perfect Little Love Hearts

Trio of Perfect Little Hearts

These three hearts are a great project. I have designed them using the fabulous beautiful butterfly stitch, which gives a beautiful, yet simple embellishment and definition.  I have designed the edging for these little hearts to make them easily, compatible for sewing them onto other items or sewing together to make various decorations. I also have a second edging for a more decorative finish.

My little hearts are easy & quick to make; and great for using up your ‘odds and ends’ of scrap yarn. They are hugely versatile and can be used as basic motifs adding detail to a project.

I will also be using this basic pattern to make many wonderful & beautiful projects, for all seasons and events. So stay in touch.

You can use a variety of yarns and colours to make your own Hearts to suit your colour scheme. In this heart I have used a sparkly yarn and made it using a chain stitch embelishment

My 2 Dimentional Heart
I have used the large and the medium heart and Chain stitched them together to form this gorgeous decoration.

I have used these Hearts to make a fabulous bunting and will write the pattern up shortly and complete a quick tutorial. They really do look spectacular.

These are my tiny Hearts made with the first row of the Trio of Hearts Design. I have made these Two Tone. Dont they look fantastic. Great for adding to other projects or making little bracelets with. 

Here are the Hearts all three together with the Crab Stitch edging. I love this simple yet effective edging. Tutorial link below:

Large, Medium and small Hearts all with the  Crab Stitch Edging. Look fab don't they...

Three Perfect little Love Heart Decoration - Perfectly made and a unique butterfly stitch design which gives a beautiful finish.

Here are the little Hearts without the edging (small, medium and large) I designed them in this way so they can be easily sewn or crochet together or attached to other projects.

The Basic Large Heart - so easy and quick to make.

The Basic Medium Heart

The basic Small Heart

Why Not have a go at making them. I have a Free Tutorial and Pattern Just for you 

  Free Pattern Link:

I hope I have inspired you to make some beautiful little Hearts today. Please share your wonderful projects on my Community Facebook page

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